IMAGO Smart Virtual Customer Experience (SVCX)

Benefit of IMAGO SVCX

Complete service process

Customer service from the moment the connection is established, throught client authentication, to transaction authorization


Central session registration along with a proprietary search and recording playback module


Full integration with banking processes and systems, such as CRM, online and mobile banking systems, authentication and authorization methods, and Call Centres

Interactive service

Intuitive and efficient service using advanced collaboration mechanisms, i.e. screen sharing, co-browsing, document exchange, graphical tools


Built-in routing and queueing system

Modern client application

Available in all major browser and mobile environments, providing the agent with access to all the advanced functions


Full service security confirmed by multiple audit conducted by clients

Marketing and surveys

Playing advertisements during waiting time and displaying satisfaction surveys at the end of the session

Unified contact form

Uniform platform for handling all forms of contacts, i.e. bank website, online and mobile banking system, VTMs and ATMs, branches, social media

Highest quality video

Advanced smooth-streaming mechanism adjusts image quality to the technical conditions of the call

Browser based-application

Your clients can use virtual branch without the need of installing any plug-ins in their browsers. Bank can also embed IMAGO Flash web API in text chat widget, on their banking website

Mobile app

IMAGO Flash app can be integrated with bank’s mobile app to enable click-to-call in terms of any bank process. Available on smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS).

Virtual Kiosk ATM/VTM

The system works great when embedded into the Video/Virtual Teller Machines (VTMs) or eKiosks.

Multi language support

The system support multi language transcript. When the customer picks the particular language, it will transcript into the language they picked.

Adaptive streaming

Poor internet connection? The adaptive unsurpassed resilience quality to the current network conditions. When connection is too low, the automatic downgrade or re-connection mechanism are initiated