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Flash into your virtual meeting room/classroom instantly. IMAGO Flash is fully secure, turnkey collaboration tools you ever need to work/learn remotely and stay connected!

The IMAGO Flash™  hosted videoconferencing service brings people together seamlessly for productive video collaboration. It bridges the gap between people, regardless of what communication device, conferencing system, or location they choose. This service enables the members of your organization to communicate and collaborate with one another—as well as with external parties—using a variety of devices including desktop, mobile with no installation needed by purely running on browser based. The capability of supported legacy H.323/SIP based device had added additional glance for investment protection.

In addition to providing ad-hoc and scheduled multi-party video meetings, the IMAGO Flash™  service enables spontaneous ad-hoc meeting, making it extremely easy and convenient to collaborate with both groups and individuals. Connecting to other users in your organization is also very simple because of the create Room-by-name directory.

Video Conference within the IMAGO Flash™  service are powered by Flash’s technology, which uses dynamic SFU (Selective Forward Unit) with Flash unique network adaptation to deliver continuously optimized video—regardless of changing network conditions. Flash makes it possible for you to experience this superior video quality because we deal with the fluctuations that often occur over unmanaged networks, such as the public Internet.

You can also deploy local instances of Flash’s server technology on-premise to provide network WAN optimization. In this hybrid deployment model, Flash traffic is localized to on-premises and off-premises to minimize latency and reduce the number of video streams that need to traverse the enterprise WAN connection. The result is a complete, cloud-based, video communications system that delivers scalable high-quality video for rich enterprise collaboration.

Due to recent the widely use of video conference, security had definitely been one of the reason when we shop over different video conference service while security starts with sound processes. IMAGO Flash™   maintains an information security governance policy that controls the way the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information is handled, thereby preventing misuse and malicious damage that could impact IMAGO Flash™   operations and ultimately our customers and partners. Due to that Imago is proudly introduce Hybrid private cloud by deploying your media server locally with all the media routing being localize and record locally.

IMAGO Flash™  offers a Hybrid solution which includes deploying local Flash servers that connect to the cloud. UCHI, SIP Bridge, and Bifrost are all part of this service offering. Reasons for a Hybrid implementation can range from bandwidth restrictions to quality improvement to better security.

To implement a Hybrid solution, you will need to deploy local Flash servers, such as:

  • UCHI – For local client media traffic; helps manage WAN bandwidth and improves local quality.
  • SIP Bridge – For local legacy endpoint connectivity; helps manage bandwidth and manage legacy connectivity (firewall, security, etc.).
  • BiFrost – For local recording capabilities & streaming capabilities; keeps your recordings local.

Normally, Hybrid servers are deployed in the customer’s DMZ and relevant security policies are added to the network so the servers can connect to the cloud as well as be managed by the IMAGO Flash™  Operations team. As a best practice, the servers should only be used by internal users; external users are directed to cloud public resources.