About Us

Founded in 2010 by a team of enthusiastic young entrepreneurs who are passionate about smart education and team collaboration technologies, IMAGO is established around the world with its APAC HQ based in Hong Kong, Research & Development Operation in Europe, and presence in Malaysia, Thailand, and some other Asia Pacific countries. IMAGO envisions to enrich people’s lives via collaborationinspiration, and imagination. We aim to make both working and learning environment simple, fun, instant, and secured!

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To promote collaboration and inspire people around the globe through our smart All-In-One technologies, by endlessly creating innovative technologies in elevating collaboration and lifestyle experience.

New Mission

To help people adapt to the New Norm through:


Present, interact, and collaborate virtually when you work from home


Play the most out of our home entertainment system; movies, songs, games, you name it, we have it!


Shower yourself with endless love by connecting to your loved ones without boundaries

Our Vision

We foster happiness through extraordinary collaborative experience by helping people in reaching their full potential. We also care for our environment and are committed in minimizing carbon footprint by building our products towards a sustainable edge of green and lead the way in logic ecologically.

Our Market Clientele

Education Clientele

Enterprise Clientele

Healthcare Clientele