IMAGO Smart Classroom

AIO Education System

Built in Camera & Omnidirectional Microphone
Virtual Classroom / Meeting Room Ready
Classroom Management via Smart Present
Co-annotation & Editing
Video Recording & Archiving
Collaborative Whiteboard
Option to host Hybrid Private Cloud
PC System Ready
Anti-Glare & Anti Break Screen

Unlocking the Future of Education

At IMAGO we strive for collaborative education with a fun twist. We aim for a vibrant system immersing students well in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Simply put, our collaboration is designed to inspire, re-imagine and re-educate our charges towards achieving IR4.0 skills. With our IMAGO AIO Education System and interactive whiteboards, their curiosity is re-imagined on interactive touchscreens, while affordably modernising and building a Digital Smart Classroom that educators need, one step at a time.

Smart Classroom Solutions has always been our “Forte” and we are proud to provide an All in One Education System which comes with all the hardware, software and solutions that every Education Institution needs. No more fingers pointing or blaming on the certain hardware or software when it comes to troubleshooting. We have made everything All in One and “Super Easy” for you when everything comes with built in and embedded.

Blended Learning Solutions

To cope with the New Normal

Blended Learning is the way forward after the Covid-19 Pandemic

Currently world-wide, the education sector is facing a huge impact as a result of COVID-19 Pandemic, with all the education institutions are being forced to shift their teaching to e-learning and blended learning modes. Academics have had to adapt to this change with no choice, both by way of teaching, and the assessment process.

To think at the bright side, Covid-19 has created an atmosphere for better technology-enabled learning and endorsement of Blended Learning to the education sector. It is time that educators to take advantage of the current situation to reform a better education system and create a resilient system that support education excellence and future expansion.

IMAGO Blended Learning (BL) Solutions help to connect educators & students easily and dynamically to cope with the New Norm. IMAGO education solutions is designed for the Gen Y & Gen Alpha. These generations are deeply intertwined with technology and they love collaborating & exchanging their knowledge online. We described our NEXGEN as FOBA (Fear of Being Alone) and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Therefore, we designed our Education system into a collaborative & interactive platform and help Educators to teach in a more vibrant and transmute the traditional boring e-Learning/ virtual lessons into an almost Live physical learning experience. The best teaching & learning experience can be achieved with the integration of IMAGO All in One Education System which comes with a Smart Interactive Flat Panel, built in camera, microphone, speaker, smart wireless sharing & screen broadcasting, collaborative whiteboard with co-annotation and editing, video recording & archiving and also an Auto Tracking camera technologies which bring your Virtual classroom as in Live experience for remote students.